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About Us



In 1985, a Turkish family owned Chemistry company has dedicated to providing high quality services and spent more than 30 years creating and perfecting cleaners that work great and are safer for people and the planet. Throughout Turkey the company has become a symbol of trust with diversity of cleaning product range over the quarter of century. 

 Naturex with its new owners and new brand took over the helm of the business and the last years have been a history of continuous development of NATUREX and dynamic expansion into local and foreign markets, and one of the secrets of the success is the skilful combination of our chemistry expertise and economic manufacturing capabilities with models taken from corporate management.

 We deliver an extensive portfolio of cleaning products with effective chemical formula development to meet your expectation. 

 Our facility is equipped with 2 high shear mixing tanks with a monthly production capacity of 2 million gallons, manufacturing both liquid and powder cleaning chemicals.

 We have all the resources and creativity necessary for developing your innovative private label and cost effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products. In addition to the highly innovative R&D team, we rely our success on the implementation of the right marketing strategy with a very broad and high quality product line at affordable price.

Under the brand name NATUREX, we recently started to offer a comprehensive line of our award-winning cleaning products in South Africa. We are committed to help, enrich and protect South African community by having a win-win approach for the environment and the economy.  

With a widespread distribution network, our attentive marketing team is ready to assist you with a variety line of products mainly categorised in Home Cleaning Solutions and Industrial Cleaning Solutions, including sanitizers, hand wash soaps, antibacterial disinfectants, detergents, face masks, Grit Hand Cleaners, Degreasers and all purposes cleaners.