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Disinfectant Fogging 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical for institutions and organizations to create a healthy and safe working environment for its employees by reducing the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus. It is
therefore of utmost importance to ensure that the workplace is not only clean but also disinfected.
Disinfection is a two-step process:
1. Cleaning: It is of utmost importance that conventional cleaning methods are applied to remove dust, debris and other contaminants on all surfaces to ensure disinfection is effective.
2. Disinfecting: A disinfectant produced with the relevant SANS requirements is applied to all surfaces through an effective technique. In addition to conventional cleaning, Naturex and Teewaves now also provides disinfecting services in order to reduce the impact of COVID-19. As a registered cleaning company, NATUREX provides cleaning according to international standards to ensure a high sanitation standard.
Thermal fogging is another method of cleaning and disinfecting. We make use of a portable thermal fogging device which uses heat to produce a fog without degrading the active ingredient. NATUREX also has a list of chemicals that can kill other hard-to-kill pathogens. While these have not been tested against the coronavirus, they have data to support that they could be effective in disinfection for coronavirus. The disinfecting chemicals used in thermal fogging may help to eliminate the virus on surfaces.
Thermal fogging has been proven to be an effective technique used by the industry for disinfecting, provided that the correct active ingredient is used in conjunction with the fogging technique. We make use of a portable thermal fogging device which uses heat to produce a fog without degrading the active ingredient.
Thermal fogging turns cleaning solutions into heated fog that can get in between crevices. The disinfecting fog permeates the whole structure. It cleans the air and surfaces. When done right, thermal fogging eliminates many of the pathogens found in an area. This is far beyond what can be done by regular janitorial staff. Our services performed by a professional staff wearing professional protective equipment (PPE).
A thermal fogger produces ultra-fine droplets, which is more advanced than conventional cleaning methods, as the droplets are much smaller, and allows for the fog to penetrate areas where conventional and traditional spraying methods would not. The system ensures that the active substance is uniformly distributed and reaches inaccessible areas, without leaving undesirable residue. The fog droplets float in the treated area for extended periods. It can settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of furniture,
equipment and objects that are hard to reach or difficult too clean with conventional methods. This methodology drastically diminishes the human error of incorrect application.
Antibacterial Disinfectant BAC-50 is our preferred chemical disinfectant. It has been proven to be effective against all groups of pathogens (bacteria, virus and fungus) with a 99.9 % killing efficiency.
Our disinfecting system allows for thorough and swift disinfection from small offices to large areas, without the need for long periods of downtime. An area can be ready for use within 30 minutes of disinfectant
fogging. It is thus recommended that disinfection is done at least twice a week in order to maintain a hygienic environment and combat the spread of the Coronavirus.
We are committed to promoting and upholding a high standard of health and safety through the implementation of procedures, training, awareness and
continual improvement. Our personnel are always given the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). With the high-risk category of workplace disinfection, we have updated the PPE equipment to keep our personnel safe from Covid-19. These upgrades include:
Respiratory equipment compliant with the regulations
• Disposable coveralls and masks
• Colour coded reusable rubber gloves
• Eye protection
TEEMWAVES professional staff wears PPE and use the thermal fogging machine to apply the disinfectants. Heat and kinetic energy create the fog. The operator aims it around the space so that it reaches everywhere. This helps to disperse the disinfectants in areas that people may otherwise have trouble reaching.
The premises will be fogged with disinfectants for decontamination to conform the measures issued on 29th of April 2020 in Section 28.1 & 28.2 of the Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces
- Government Notice No. 479 of 2020. 
Section 28; Every employer must take measures to ensure that;
28.1 all work surfaces and equipment are disinfected before work begins, regularly during the working period and after work ends;
28.2 all areas such as toilets, common areas, door handles, shared electronic equipment are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
What makes the use of thermal fogging so appealing is that the method disperses the disinfectants throughout the air and into hard-to-reach spots. It could be one of the ways to help disinfect areas frequented by many people. Thermal fogging is a great companion to regular surface cleaning and disinfecting. Studies have shown that it can help decontaminate surfaces better than surface disinfection alone. As we learn more about the coronavirus, we can find new effective ways to clean and disinfect areas.
The premises have been fogged with Eco friendly thermal fogging machine TLS 6HYC–180 which is utilised globally in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic and eliminates 99.9% pathogens.