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As a responsible buyer and reseller of mechanized products, it is of the utmost importance to ensure those products are backed with a LOA or Letter of Authority from the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications).

The role of the NRCS

The role of NRCS is to preserve the safety of South African consumers against potentially hazardous non-compliant goods and ensure that they receive fair value for money.  Compliance is checked and monitored at all levels, and the organisation continues to identify gaps in regulation, where necessary, to ensure consumer protection in an ever-changing global market.  
The NRCS strategic goals are, to develop, maintain and administer compulsory specifications and technical regulations, to maximise compliance with all specifications and technical regulations, inform and educate our stakeholders about the NRCS, and to ensure an optimally capacitated institution. NRCS approves products that meet the requirements of applicable compulsory specifications.  Letters of Authority are issued to manufacturers and importers as soon as the requirements have been met in order that the products can be imported or offered for sale. LOA’s are required by all manufacturers and importers of commodities that fall under the scope of the compulsory specifications prior, to the importation and sale of the product.  This LOA will only be issued after the successful evaluation of the proof of compliance submitted. Naturex Enterprise has been GRANTED REGISTRATION and LETTER OF AUTHORITY for its Antibacterial Disinfectant. Please download the relevant information from the links below: